Terms of Service 
Terms of Service

Publication: 22/05/2021

Last Update: 26/02/2022



Welcome to the DMU website.

The following Terms and Conditions describe the terms and conditions governing the use of the website of the company DMU, ​​which is installed at www.dmu.gr.

The website www.dmu.gr presents the type of services we offer to our customers. They relate to the provision of services on the internet (such as the creation of websites, e-shops, graphics, advertisements, social media management, etc.).

The licensor of this website is the sole proprietorship with the name Konstantinos Mitsouras and the distinctive title DMU, ​​with headquarters at 7 Krystalli Street, Maroussi, Attica, PC 15126, Greece, Tax Identification Number: 174926054, Maroussi Tax Office (from now on referred to as “DMU” “We,” “us,” “us”) who also manages it.


These are the Terms and Conditions governing the use of this website and the agreement between you and DMU. These Terms and Conditions describe the rights and obligations of all users regarding the use of our website.

Access to and use of this website and the services offered through this website (from now on referred to as the “Services”) as well as the performance of a service agreement is subject to your acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, which apply to all visitors who visit or use the website.

By navigating the Website and using our Services, you accept all current Terms and Conditions, as well as their occasional updates, which govern our relationship. In case of your disagreement or reservation for part or all of the present, you can contact us in one of the following ways: a) through the “Contact” Section on “Terms of Use,” b) by email to the email address customers@dmu.gr on “Terms of Use” or c) by registered letter to our address. Our communication and information about any dispute or reservation must be made before you navigate or use our Services or place an order for services; otherwise, your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions is unconditional.

As these Terms and Conditions affect your legal rights and obligations, we advise you to stop browsing and/or using the DMU website, in case you disagree with them, as well as their possible revisions.

Access to and use of the Website is an additional prerequisite for your acceptance and compliance with the DMU Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy Note is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and an integral part thereof. Our Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures we follow regarding the collection, use, and disclosure to third parties of your personal information and data in connection with the use of the website and provides you with the necessary information about your privacy rights and the ways the law protects you. Please read our Privacy Policy Note carefully before using our website.

References To Other Websites

Our website may contain links to third-party websites and services not owned or controlled by DMU.

DMU has no control over and is not responsible for the content, information, validity, correctness, legality, completeness, quality of the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party website or service. In addition, you acknowledge and accept that DMU assumes no liability or liability, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused by or in connection with the use or reliance on any such content, goods, or service available on or through such website or service.

We strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policies of each website or the third-party service you visit. When you use the linked websites, the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy of each website apply, respectively.

Description Of Services

DMU provides content services on the Internet. Indicatively offers the following services:

DMU provides the above services to individuals and legal entities. DMU reserves the right to modify the services provided, renew, enrich or withdraw them at any time and without prior notice. The same applies to its pricing policy, any offers, and discounts which it can freely choose and carry out, as well as modify, renew and/or withdraw.

The website provides general information about the services offered. There is no service pricing on the website. The pricing is personalized and is communicated to the customer by drafting a proposal of his services. It is pointed out that the description of the services is indicative, and in no case is it a proposal for a contract for the customer.

After communication via email or live chat provided free of charge on our website, we discuss your needs and record the technical specifications of the services you desire. After registering your needs, we analyze the project to understand the service or combination of services we can undertake, and we send you an informative proposal with the various options you have, fully cost according to the needs you indicated to us, to choose which or which of them you wish. As soon as you inform us about your final choice, we will send you a personalized offer, which details the services we will provide you and the fee corresponding to these services.

You sign the personalized offer and send it to us to start the professional relationship immediately. By signing and sending us the customized offer, you fully accept that these Terms and Conditions are valid and valid throughout our professional relationship.

The offer you have accepted entirely describes and analyzes our undertaken services and the fees that correspond to them. The above prices include only the works & services that refer in detail to the individualized offer and are subject to the written acceptance of the offer. Any additional service, work, deviation, addition, or change in the services are not included in the prices but are also priced separately by agreement. DMU is not obliged to provide services other than those mentioned in the personalized offer.

Our services are charged with the payment of VAT 24%. Professional customers based in the European Union (EXCEPT professional customers in Greece) will not be charged VAT after verification of their VAT number by the VIES system.

The payment of the fees agreed with the written acceptance of the offer will be made in installments, which is mentioned in detail in the individualized offer. Periodic services will be paid in advance. No refunds are given in case of cancellation of the service before its expiration time.

Payment methods:

According to the current tax provisions, documents worth more than 500 Euros to individuals (Proof of service) and professionals/companies (Invoice) should be paid ONLY in the following ways:

In case of payment via Paypal, you agree and accept that you are subject to the terms and conditions of operation of the specific online payment provider, given that you have contracted with it during your registration as a member. DMU is not responsible for the policies and operations of Paypal. If you are refunded through a third-party payment provider (e.g., Paypal), you may be charged any commission charged by that provider based on its terms of use and operation, for which DMU is not responsible.

The delivery times mentioned in the personalized offer depend on the deposit and the observance of the terms of payment of the fees by you to the DMU. The deadlines do not start before you provide the DMU with all the necessary material to perform the service. If you contribute with us as a consumer, the start of the service will be done in the manner defined in detail below with the title “Withdrawal.” If you request and the submission of a change is accepted, the delivery deadline starts again, and the delivery must be done within the reasonable time set by the DMU.

After sending the signed, personalized offer to DMU, change or cancellation on order is accepted only if the service has not started.

DMU implements the services undertaken on your behalf using the provided content or by creating such content according to your instructions. DMU is not responsible for the content used in the project/service it undertakes on your behalf, whether you delivered it to it or created it on your behalf. Specifically for the content, you submit to it, you declare and assure that it does not infringe any intellectual property rights (intellectual property or industrial property) or trade secret property of any third party, legal or natural. DMU is not responsible for your actions or omissions towards third parties, legal or natural. DMU has no responsibility for the non-observance of your legal obligations towards third parties, e.g., indicatively regarding the Terms of use of your website/service, your compliance with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection, your obligations towards your compliance with consumer protection legislation, your compliance with specific laws governing your website/service, contractual relations with third parties, natural or legal, any torts against third parties, natural or legal, etc.

DMU reserves the right to put on the project it has created on your behalf (for example, on the website, eshop, graphics, animations, videos, ads, etc., it has made for you), note (tag) that he is the creator of the project. If you do not wish to put this note (tag), you must inform us to invoice this omission separately. The note (tag) will be kept on your website for as long as the relationship between us is maintained and/or in case the relationship is completed with the delivery of the website / eshop, it will be kept for as long as the content that DMU delivered to you remains unchanged. If you refuse to remove the tag, we reserve the right to compensate for your refusal.

If you wish, you can subscribe to the list of DMU newsletters. Registration is also possible for those who have not started a partnership with us. You can revoke your registration at any time.

All services are available for personal use only and not for resale. If you want to enter into a B2B service business relationship, contact us to proceed with a new separate written agreement.

In case you choose some of our subscription services, it is possible to provide you with codes to access your personalized tab, which will contain information about the rest of the packages you have chosen and the possibility of renewing your subscription packages.


Our goal is to ensure the absolute satisfaction of the customer. In any case, we invite you to check the quality of our services upon receipt. If any problem arises, contact us by email at customers@dmu.gr.

Suppose you contract with us as a consumer, according to the law on Consumer protection. In that case, you have the right to withdraw from the execution of the individualized offer you have accepted without being required to state the reasons for withdrawal and without any charge (Article 3e Law 2251/1994). The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the written acceptance of the individual offer. Withdrawal must be stated explicitly and in writing via email. In case of early withdrawal, any advance paid in the same way as it was paid will be refunded after you return any tax document issued by DMU.

The execution of the personalized offer will start after the expiration of the deadline of 14 days for the customer’s withdrawal from the date of receipt of the signed. Exceptionally, enforcement may commence before the expiry of the 14 days provided that the client provides in writing his explicit consent to the execution of this by confirming in writing that he loses the right of withdrawal upon the commencement of enforcement under Article 3bm of the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994).

We point out that the criteria for determining consumer status are included in the Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994).

Intellectual Property

DMU is the sole owner of all Intellectual Property Rights (Intellectual and Industrial Property) related to its website and its services, including, but not limited to, any computer program (software) that is part of the website, script, photos, texts, videos, graphics, music, sounds, images, and any other material on the Website (referred to collectively as the “Content”).

All information, communications, computer programs, dialogs – scripts, photos, texts, videos, graphics, music, sounds, images, and other materials on the DMU website (collectively referred to as “Content”) maybe be used for informational, non-commercial, or personal purposes only, provided that you do not modify the content and retain all declarations of copyright or other property of DMU. You may not use the website’s content for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the DMU. Illegal and unauthorized copying, misappropriation, or any other use of the Content of this website constitutes a breach of national, European, and/or international law. It may be prosecuted under national or EU law. No DMU permission is required to link to any DMU website. However, any prior notice to DMU would be appreciated.

All products and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. The DMU trademark is provided to you and is accessible for informational purposes only. DMU, in no case, grants you a license to use it. The copyright in the content belongs to either DMU or the creator of the material. No title or copyright is transferred to you.

Link To This Website

You can link to our homepage, provided you act fairly and lawfully, without harming or exploiting DMU’s reputation. You may not create a connection that implies any relationship between us or our approval or support where it does not exist. You should not link to any website that you do not own. This website may not be placed in a box on any other page. We reserve the right to remove the connection license without prior notice.

No misuse of this Website, obstruction, or in any way interference with the operation of the website, as well as the replacement or change of its content, is allowed. You must not commit or encourage criminal acts, transmit or distribute viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs, or post any malicious or technologically harmful material. Generally, you are not allowed any unauthorized or unauthorized website operation. It is also prohibited to violate the obligation of confidentiality or use the website in any other way that is illegal, offensive, or obscene.

Limitation of Liability

The DMU or its owner or employees/associates may in no case, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, be held liable to any person for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damage of any kind (indicative but not restrictive, loss of personal data or other information, business interruption, loss of privacy) arising in connection with the use or inability to use the service, or in any other case relating to any of the present terms even if DMU or any supplier had accepted the possibility of corresponding damage even if the restoration fails its original purpose.

Access to the Website is provided to you “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” with all defects and deficiencies without warranties of any kind. DMU, to the extent permitted by applicable law, on its account and behalf of its affiliates and their licensors, expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, lawful or otherwise, concerning the Website, including all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, as well as guarantees that may arise from the course of execution, use or commercial practice. Without prejudice to the preceding, DMU makes no representations or warranties that the Website will meet your expectations, deliver specific results, be compatible or work in conjunction with any other software, application, system, or service; that it will operate without interruption, that it will meet any performance or reliability criteria, or that it will be error-free, or that any errors or deficiencies will be corrected.

Without limitation of the preceding, neither DMU nor any DMU Supplier provides any assurance or warranty of any kind, direct or indirect, for the following: (i) the operation or availability of the Website, or the information, content, materials, and/or products contained therein, (ii) that the Website will run smoothly or without problems, (iii) the accuracy, reliability, or flow of any information or content provided by the Website, (iv) the accuracy, reliability, or the flow of any information or content of advertisements or third party websites to which you refer through hyperlinks from the website or which the website gives you access to v) that the website, servers, content or e-mail sent by or on behalf of DMU is free from viruses, scripts, trojan horses, worms, malware, time bombs timebombs, or other harmful elements.

Dispute Resolution

If you have any concerns or disagreements about the Website, you agree to resolve the dispute unofficial and friendly with the DMU. If this is not possible, you agree to refer the dispute to Mediation as the most appropriate way to resolve the dispute out of court. If the Mediation does not reach an agreement between the parties, only the party that wishes to address it can go to the Courts.

Applicable Legislation

The applicable law is Greek, and the Athens Courts are exclusively responsible for resolving any dispute that will arise from using the DMU website.

The use of the website may also be subject to European Legislation or International rules and Conventions in force in Greece.


Suppose any of the present terms is declared invalid and/or non-existent. In that case, this term will be amended and interpreted in such a way as to fulfill the purpose of the provision to the fullest extent possible under applicable law. In contrast, the remaining terms will remain valid and with immediate effect.

Translation - Interpretation

These Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages, provided we have made them available on our website.

You agree that the original Greek text shall prevail in case of disagreement.

Amendments To These Terms and Conditions

At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Any modification of these Terms and Conditions enters into force immediately after publication on the website.

We suggest that you visit the Terms and Conditions of our website regularly to be always informed about any modifications made.

As long as you continue to browse or use our website after any modifications have taken effect, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you disagree with the new terms, in whole or in part, please stop using the website and any services.



Publication: 22/05/2021

Last Update: 26/02/2022


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